let's laugh

Miyerkules, Oktubre 19, 2011

Boy:tandaan mu lhat ng sa2bihin ko dhil imp0rtante ito?
Girl: ok anu ba sasabhin mu??
Boy:ahmmm',' mahal na mahal kita lagi m0ng tandaan na andito lng aq, lagi sa tabi mu...!!
Boy: anu natandaan mu bA?? 
Girl: (kinilig) ah oo naman,
Boy: good pakisabi yan sa bestfriend mu, ahH. Tnx!!
L0LA 1: baw kasakit man likod ko praktis street dancing a, cramping abi amun new steps..
L0LA 2: ako gani sakit mata ko hampang crossfire kag open ka fb ko..
L0LA 3: mayad pa kamu, ako gani hu, sakit hita ko sa padol sa frat namun.. hahaha..
Anak umuwi ng bahay....
anak: nay, pinptwag kau sa skul!
nay: bakit? my ginwa kn namang katarantaduhan?
anak: ako ba? baka ikaw, ikw nga pinapatawag dba?
magpapa-class picture tayo para paglaki nyo, sasabihin nyo:
"wow si dodong police na,
 wow si inday teacher na,
 wow si tomas doctor na,

JUAN: wow si mam!
TEACHER: umupo ka.. wag kang sasali!
Teacher: ok class, only Juan got 99/100...
Juan: oha! Ano kau ngaun?! Mamundok nlang kau! 
Magtanim nlang kau ng kamote mga bobo! 
Mga walang pnag aralan, mga ubod ng tanga!
Bkit hndi p kau mgpakamatay?!
Teacher: the rest got 100..

.basag. .wahaha.
Sa party, nilapitan ng isang gwapong lalaki ang isang babaeng nkaupo sa isang tabi :
Lalaki : sasayaw ka ba ?
tuwang tuwa ang babae at tumayo..
babae : oo, sasayaw ako!
lalaki : hay salamat! paupo ako ah? :)))
Juan:bkt my tali k s paa?
Pdr0:gs2 q ng m2tay,mgb2gti aq!
Juan:bkt s paa? dpt s leeg!
Pdr0:cnubukan q n s leEg knina.

hnd aq mkahinga eh,.
N0EL: ippangalan
ko s aking anak
"LE0N" baliktad ng
NIN0: skin "0NIN"
baliktad ng NINO.
T0T0: wg ny0
ak0ng maisali-sali jan s usapan ny0!
hehe =]
1 bata,ngpass ng blank pper s art tcher..

Teacher: bkt blank ang work m?
Bata: ngdrowng po aq ng baka at damo.
Teacher: (tningnn ang ppel) san ang damo?
Bata: ubos npo,kinain ng baka.
Teacher: (kamot s ulo) e nsn ung baka?
Bata: ano p ga2wn ng baka jn e wla ng damo? sympre umalis n. common sense nmn mam!ΓΌ
Anak: nay galing ng titser ko.
Nay: bakit namn?
Anak: tinuruan kami ng kagandahang asal
Lola: e d marunong ka ng gumalang at mag-PO at OPO?
Anak:Natural! tanga ka Ba? hmmp...
sabi ng hangin mabait ka daw
sabi ng dagat malambing ka daw
sabi ng ilog at bundok cute ka daw
tama nga ang hinala ko...

sira na ang kalikasan,
hinahanap ng mga NPA sina Juan, pedro at berting
Nagtago sila sa sako sa bodega ng kamote

NPA: san n kaya sila? hmm.. baka nagtatago lang ang mga yun dito
Sinipa ang sako 1
Juan: meow meow
NPa: Pusa lang pala
Sinipa ang sako 2
Pedro: arf ! arf !
NPA: aso lang pala
Sinipa pang sako 3
Berting; tahimik walang reaksyon
Sinipa ulit yung sako 3
Berting: wala ulit reaksyon
Sinipa ng sinipa ang sako 3
Berting: tang ina naman oh!! kamote ako..
wala akong sound!!!

young marriage

 Why do young people get married at an early age? We are always searching a partner to be together forever, and share the life, but some people search for it too young. There are many causes to get married at an early age, but this time I will only show you the most common ones.The principal and most common cause is pregnancy. Most of the time when a couple has sexual relationships without any kind of protection is because they are too young and do not have much information about that. Families prefer to keep appearances, and they force them to get married.Another cause is the presence of false expectations. It is that we always search security, protection, and confidence; and young people think that they will have those things in a marriage. The couple thinks that living together will be easy and they will have a good marriage. Many people also think that by having a marriage they could have a better life.Finally, another cause can be a hasty marriage. The couple gets married without having enough knowledge about the other, and conflicts are created when living together. Or they find that it was not what they really expected in a couple.Young people get married at an early age for many reasons and the most common are pregnancy, false expectations, and a hasty marriage. Exist more reasons, but those are the principal ones. Young couples should think better before doing that.


Lunes, Oktubre 3, 2011

  Dating is also called  the "Games of Love" being played between men and women.These games give the most emotional hurtful sting that brings quite a wound to the heart. One of the games is the "Calling Game." Women often ask, "Should I call him? Should I not? If I do not call him, I will start the chase and he will be more interested in me. If I do, he thinks I'm a possessive girl trying to 'chase him. Oh, what move in the game should I play?" Another game is the "Kissing Game." The questions most commonly asked are: Should I make a move now? When should I make it? When do I let him or her kiss me? Those are few examples of the "Games of Love," which should be really be called "The Play of Emotions - a play most likely to get burned in." So, what's the point in getting us burned in this troublesome dating phenomenon? Well to start out, there aren't all negative parts in dating, and people date to find love and their soul mate to share their lives with them on earth, the process can get very exciting and fun. For instance, the girl gets ready to meet her date. She is in her new beautiful, red, faltering dress. The boy is at the door with flowers. The girl gets all nervous and excited while she quickly checks in the mirror, makes final touch-ups, and opens the door with a gleaming smile towards her date. She and her date drive to a movie and share a hopefully interesting conversation. They have a fun time hopefully as they "accidentally" brushed each other's hands. The excitement begins when they go through the different stages of dating: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement. When we find the right mate, we end up rejoicing for the discovery of love.

Happy life

Miyerkules, Setyembre 28, 2011

  Happiness is the goal of all people and all wish to live a happy life. But what does happy life mean? The idea of a happy life differs from man to man. Some people think that happiness lies in luxurious living. So, they spend a lot of money over it.I think, happiness lies in living a plain life within one's own means. If you follow the dictum 'cut you coat according to your cloth' and live within your own means, you will not need to trouble your head to get a loan of money or to pay back loan. Besides, you will not be a parasite or a dependent on others and your free mind will bring you immense happiness.


Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

   Who can argue about Christmas not being the best time of the year. Yes, Christmas triggers strong emotions which many cannot ignore. From emotion of love to the emotion of pity; Christmas never fails to bring it out. Christmas is the magic that everyone believes in. From little children who stay up in the wee night of Christmas Eve to hear Santa’s sleigh to adults whose hopes and dreams were once shattered are restored. Christmastime was always a magical time of year for me. The beautifully decorated shopping malls, with toys everywhere you looked, always fascinated me. And the houses, with the way their lights would glow upon the glistening snow at night, always seemed to calm me. But decorating the Christmas tree and falling asleep underneath the warm glow of the lights, in awe that Santa Claus would soon be there, was the best part of it all. As a child, these things enchanted me. Sure, the presents were great, but the excitement and mystery of Christmas; I loved most of all. Believing…that’s what it was all about. Believing there really was a Santa and waking up Christmas morning, realizing he’d come, as my sleepy eyes focused on all the fancily wrapped presents before me. How wonderful it would be to relive the magic of Christmas.

wHat is love?

  Speaking of  Love.What is love? Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being. Each human being has his/her own thoughts about love to guide himself/herself to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of  Love. Without this preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front of him.What is Love?. I know this question exists in each human being's mind including myself. If not it is still waiting to be discovered deeply in your heart.What is Love? Love: What is it. Love, what is it. To many people love means many things. To others, to love is to place their happiness in one another. Others love can be how they feel about that special someone. I'm not talking about the fatherly love or that motherly love. I'm talking about the love that you feel towards someone. That special someone that you could possibly spend the rest of your life with. Webster defines love as a strong feeling of attraction resulting from sexual desire; enthusiasm or fondness.

break up

Miyerkules, Setyembre 14, 2011

 Once in a person's lifetime, everyone finds this one perfect person whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever after. That is a mere fallacy, in the real world this simply does not happen. Yes, people do have common interests and therefore develop romantic involvement, but it is basic common sense that these relationships have a life span and simply cannot last. Real life relationships are definitely more like "The Real World" rather than "Romeo and Juliet". Romanticism is wonderful in itself, and thus two people can live in heavenly bliss, but it all must come to an end somehow. It is a fact of life that couples do break up, and there are many reasons why. There are countless reasons, ranging from cheating to lack of sex to abuse, attributing to breakups. One reason why couples might break up is money or a lack thereof. If one partner in a relationship is always paying or keeping up all the bills, his/her partner just might grow tired of it and decide that it is a valid reason to separate. For example, a woman who is always lending her boyfriend money for his rent, car note, and social expenses will probably eventually grow tired of it and leave him.